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Architectural Control Committee (ACC) – Part 5

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Architectural Control Committee (ACC) – Part 5

In recent posts we have discussed the foundations for establishing your HOA’s Architectural Control Committee (ACC) and the “nuts and bolts” of how the Committee operates. When we last left off there was the direction given regarding establishing ACC Standards/Guidelines, which will be the “bible” for how your ACC functions and makes decisions.

We will now discuss another critical component of your ACC process – the format and manner in which Owners will submit requests to the ACC.

The creation of a simple but effective form to provide your Owners will be necessary in order for your ACC to review and process requests in a logical and consistent manner.  While it is difficult to anticipate the full scope of requests that might be submitted, you can certainly assume that a handful of typical projects will be coming your way for review – landscaping, painting, sheds/outbuildings being the primary examples.

This example represents a basic but effective form that likely works for most ACC’s.  Of course you may want to customize your form to better represent the type of projects you anticipate will be submitted by your Owners, but the standard concept of the sample form is a good starting point.Next up (and last in this discussion regarding the ACC) we will talk about the review (approval/denial) process and wrap this series up!

Sample ACC Form