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The HOA Board Member's Handbook.

Self-Management Tips and Best Practices

Discover the essential guide for HOA board members looking to excel in self-management! "The HOA Board Member's Handbook: Self-Management Tips and Best Practices" is a comprehensive and practical resource designed to help board members navigate the complexities of running a homeowners association with confidence and efficiency.

Learn about:

  • The roles and responsibilities of an HOA board and its members
  • The advantages and disadvantages of self-management versus hiring a management company
  • How to conduct effective HOA meetings and encourage participation from community members
  • Best practices for managing common areas, facilities, and addressing violations and architectural requests
  • Financial management and accounting principles specific to HOAs
  • The latest software and tools to streamline your HOA operations



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What people are saying
This book is an indispensable tool for anyone on an HOA board. The expert advice and practical approach in 'The HOA Board Member's Handbook' have made a world of difference in our community. Every board member should have a copy!

- Susan Lee, HOA Board President