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15 of the Best HOA Websites of 2023

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Are you planning to launch a new website for your HOA? Looking for inspiration and ideas?

The best HOA websites come in different shapes and sizes. Every association has different needs, and serves a different community, after all. But they all do have some things in common, though:

  • Every HOA wants to communicate with its community and keep residents stay in the loop. 
  • The association will also want its website to look amazing and engage visitors with the right content. 
  • And finally, the website should take some work off the HOA’s board members’ shoulders, automating many of the communication-related activities. 

Knowing that many HOAs will be planning a new website launch or redesign around now, we’ve decided to bring together some of the best HOA websites. 

We hope that this guide will offer inspiration and guide your website development project.


The Essential Features of the Best HOA Website

Before we show you specific website examples to inspire and guide you, let’s briefly review what makes a good HOA site. 

#1. Responsive Design

The world has gone mobile. More than half of internet users access websites from their mobile devices, rather than desktop computers. As a result, your site must display well on smartphones, tablets, and desktops. 

One way to achieve the above is by launching a mobile version of the site. However, that’s both a costly and time-consuming method. 

The alternative is to launch a responsive design website that adjusts to a specific screen a person’s using to view it, and makes it mobile-friendly. 

#2. News Portal

You’re building a community website. Therefore, it’s only logical that it should include comprehensive news and updates section to share what’s happening in the HOA with its residents. 

At a minimum, the website should include a news section. But you could go further, and launch an informational blog, as well as a separate section for residents’ news. 

#3. Community Calendar

If you’re scheduling events in the community, then, your website should also feature a calendar with up to date information about them. 

The calendar should be listing upcoming HOA meetings, events within the community, and even, start and end dates for projects and works to be carried out. 

#4. Document Management

The website should also accommodate the option to share all the necessary documents with the neighborhood. In fact, residents must be able to download the association’s CC&R rules, access board meeting minutes, and financial statements. 

Naturally, not all of those documents should be available publicly. That’s why the website should accommodate document management, allowing residents to log in to access certain information. 

#5. Online Payment Processing

Collecting payments is among the most common challenges HOA managers face. Part of the reason is the cumbersome process of collecting payments. Offering an option to pay the association’s dues online will shorten the cycle, and allow you to collect payments faster. 

What Makes a Great HOA Website for Residents

We’ve covered what features your website should include. But what about the residents? What would they expect from your site? Well, there is a number of factors:

  • Mobile-friendliness. We’ve talked about that option already. 
  • Speed. The site should load fast on any device and over any network speed. 
  • User-friendly design. The website should also be easy to navigate, allowing visitors to find whatever information they are looking for quickly. 
  • Good user experience. Lastly, visitors should not have any problems when interacting with the content. Buttons should be easy to click, even on small mobile screens, and forms should be easy to fill on smartphones as well. 

So, with all that information in mind, let’s look at some examples of the best HOA websites. 

15 Best HOA Websites of 2023

Springbrook Hills


Gramercy Residences


Beau Chene

Walden Lake

Walnut Country

Wolf Lake 



Little Whale Cove

One Water Place

Birnamwood Town Homes


Summer Place