Streamline and consolidate your owner communications. Select from custom templates or create a new message on the fly. Send via email or postal mail to some or all of your residents with a single click.



Send out violation notices, however you'd like.

Utilize our highly customizable Violation Notice templates to deliver personalized notices. They are automatically generated for you after you've recorded the violation.

Manual Delivery
Print, email, or hand-deliver Notices yourself.
No Touch Mailing
Let us mail the Notices for you. First Class, Certified and Return Tracking without visiting the Post Office.
Instant delivery of Notices to your property owners.
Two-way communication if they Reply.


In addition to violations related emails, send out general or architectural communications to individual or bulk recipients at the click of a button. Keep all communications in one place, tied to the individual properties rather than spread out amongst multiple inboxes.


Postal Mail

Easily and economically send USPS First Class and Certified mail to some or all of your residents with the click of a button. Use HOALife for newsletters,  welcome letters, architectural communications, and any other important notifications.


Mailing Labels

We make it easy to generate mailing labels with HOALife for those times when you wish to do a mailing on your own. You can also easily generate Owner Rosters for annual meeting sign-in sheets.


Portal Communications

Association owners can access our web-based Owner Portal to respond to violations and alert managers to violations. Reduce or eliminate email chains and phone calls. Violations responses are recorded directly in the system and your owners have a place to voice concerns.


Happy Owners.  Happy Managers.  Happy Boards.


Built by Professionals

The perfect blend of real-world Community Managers, Board Members, and Software People came together to build an experience that solves the problems you're facing. Perfect for established managers and do-it-yourself board members.


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