QuickBooks Online & HOALife

Make Accounting Easy - Connect QuickBooks & HOALife

Accounting with Intuit QuickBooks Online


Most other software in the HOA Management space is bespoke accounting software with HOA operations tools built on top. This means they do accounting in their own unique ways and often provide HOA operations tools as an after thought.


HOALife has taken the opposite approach, HOA operations tools are first-class citizens without reinventing the accounting wheel; you can use whatever accounting system you or your accountant already know, while focusing staying on top of the HOA operations.


QuickBooks Online is a great option for HOA accounting. Our favorite reasons for picking QuickBooks Online are:

  • Web-based - access it anywhere from any web-connected device

  • Widespread adoption - you may already be familiar with QuickBooks; most accountants in the phone book will have extensive QuickBooks knowledge as well

  • A vibrant App Store to augment your accounting experience to accommodate any niche needs your HOA may have

For these reasons and more we've chosen to provide a tight integration between HOALife and QuickBooks Online

The HOALife integration to QuickBooks Online provides the following functionality:


Synchronized ownership information

Change of a Property's owner in HOALife? We'll automatically create a QuickBooks Customer for you.
Update of a Property owner's contact information in QuickBooks? We'll automaticaly sync that information over to HOALife.

Display account information


View a property owner's account balance directly in the HOALife dashboard; link directly to the property owner's account from the HOALife dashboard to their respective QuickBooks Online account.

Owner's portal details

Display of a property owner's account balance and invoices directly in the HOALife Owner's Portal.
Owners can download historic invoices.


Display of a Payment Link directly in the HOALife Owner's Portal
If you've setup QuickBooks payments, sent invoices to members, and those members have an email address on file, QuickBooks will provide us with a payment link that's visible in the portal. It's the same link that is sent by QuickBooks in the invoice email.

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