Violations Enforcement

Ditch the clipboard and spreadsheets! A thoughtful software optimized for efficiency, flexibility, and accuracy.


Violations Enforcement

The days of labor-intensive community rules enforcement are over. Record violations and send notices in minutes, not hours. Keep your board members completely informed with our Inspection Summaries.


How it works

Record your custom rule violations and send notice letters in minutes.



Record rule violations with our perfected inspection flow.

Leverage our GPS-aware mobile apps to guide you through an inspection. They work offline; quickly record a violation without being noticed.

Quick and Efficient Violation Entry
Add a new violation with just a few taps of the finger. No sifting through long property lists.
High-Quality Photos
Build concrete evidence with as many photos as you need. Automatically timestamped, crop/edit/markup as needed.
Track Repeat Offenders
Prior violations and their photos, right in the app.


Use our high-fidelity web-based dashboard to review completed inspections from any device.

Built For Teams
Transparent violation information, notes, and statuses. Invite anyone; configurable access.
Stay Informed
Configurable notifications keep everyone in-the-know. In-App notifications, instant emails, and daily/weekly digests.
See Trends
Surface metrics to make well-informed decisions.


Send out violation notices, however you'd like.

Utilize our highly customizable Violation Notice templates to deliver personalized notices. They are automatically generated for you after you've recorded the violation.

Manual Delivery
Print, email, or hand-deliver Notices yourself.
No Touch Mailing
Let us mail the Notices for you. First Class, Certified and Return Tracking without visiting the Post Office.
Instant delivery of Notices to your property owners.
Two-way communication if they Reply.


Automatic, comprehensive, Inspection Summaries.

Keep your board members completely informed with our Inspection Summaries. Generate them with a single mouse click. Or grant them view-only access directly to the Dashboard.
Easy to Review Data
At-a-glance summaries of the Violations recorded.
Visualized Trends
Graphs and heat maps surface trends in the association.
Full Board Member Access
Access for involved board members. Restrict permissions as needed.
Download a Sample Report Here.


Self-service property owner portal

Association owners can access our web-based Owner Portal to respond to violations and alert managers to violations. Reduce or eliminate email chains and phone calls.
Automatic Access
No user accounts to create or passwords to juggle.
View Evidence, Respond
Responses are recorded directly in the system.
Suggest a Violation
Your owners have a place to voice concerns.

Happy Inspectors.  Happy Managers.  Happy Boards.


Built by Professionals

The perfect blend of real-world Community Managers, Board Members, and Software People came together to build an experience that solves the problems you're facing. Perfect for established managers and do-it-yourself board members.


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