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GreatWest Association Management

Idaho Management Company Saves 2000+ Hours Annually on Violation Enforcement



GreatWest Association Management manages over 3,000 association units in Idaho. Aggressive marketing, superior service, and rapid growth of housing developments in the area resulted in strong business growth. This growth resulted in an increased demand for routine CC&R Inspection and Enforcement, which with then current processes was slow, cumbersome, manual, and hard to manage. CC&R Inspection and Enforcement became a limiting factor for the growth of GreatWest as a business. 

The HOALife platform ensures GreatWest provides a superlative experience for Boards and saves the company more than $50,000 annually in inspection and enforcement-related costs.


Inspections Evolved

In the early stages of providing inspection services, GreatWest was simply heading into the field with a clipboard and a spreadsheet of properties. Upon completing an inspection, the inspector would return to the office, manually research previous violations for properties that are out of compliance, and create violation notices. It quickly became obvious that this would not scale with the company. The amount of time spent on back-office tasks was an obvious candidate for optimization with activity while opening the door for improved accuracy.

Utilizing HOALife’s mobile Inspection App, no-touch violation notice generation, and automatic board reports, GreatWest has been able to move past the bottleneck of growth presented by CC&R Inspection and Enforcement. GreatWest can now provide these services quicker, more accurately, and with greater detail than ever before.


Inspections Drive Board Satisfaction



Thanks for providing such thorough reviews on these inspections. We really appreciate it. It’s nice to see previous communications with homeowners who are working on resolving their violations. I did see that code enforcement came out and ticketed that truck, hopefully, it does not end up in the driveway but we’ll see! We LOVE the reports.

Courtney K.

HOA Board Member and Client of GreatWest


GreatWest Testimonial

“Our company converted to the HOALife covenant inspection software tool about a year ago. The impact to our field inspection efficiency was immediate....an approximate 40% reduction in time spent behind the windshield. Not only was our field inspection time reduced, but the quality of our inspections also noticeably increased. Rather than spending time fumbling with clipboard/pen/paper, we were able to better review and assess the communities we manage, which resulted in far more accurate and thorough inspections. 

Aside from the field impact HOALife offers (which alone is a compelling enough justification to utilize it), the even more noticeable efficiencies we soon realized were in our “back office” efforts. The ability to have our violation letters automatically generated and addressed to homeowners results in hundreds of hours of clerical time savings. Additionally, the built-in tracking and repository database within HOALife took us from the dark ages of cumbersome Excel spreadsheets and paper files to being truly equipped to properly perform a greater volume of inspections with less staffing as our company grows. 

We are also absolutely confident that the HOALife tool has increased the outcome and resolution of our covenant enforcement process by giving is a realistic means of capturing feedback from homeowners. Email communication from owners can be easily inserted into the notes section of the software, providing a method for our inspectors to keep track of resolution attempts in an organized manner. Notes are also invaluable in assisting us in input observations/complaints from Board members or owners between inspection cycles, as it allows us to very easily access those observations the next time we are in the field inspecting

Last but certainly not least, the Boards (our primary customer) we serve are very impressed with the easy-to-understand reporting tools that HOALife offers. We email reports to Boards subsequent to our inspections, and by doing so we give them the confident assurance that we are keeping diligent “eyes on” their Association. They appreciate the clarity and detail with which the software captures information, and providing it to them also reduces the inquiries we field from Board members.....since they have the information presented to them on a regular basis. 

The bottom line is you cannot grow your HOA management business and increase profitability without investing in technology. HOALife is a “must have” tool! “

Tim Dublin
GreatWest AssociationManagement


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