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Wekiva Hunt Club HOA

Large Florida Single Association Saves 140+ Hours on Violation Enforcement Each Month




Wekiva Hunt Club Community Association, Inc.

Wekiva is a single-family community of Homes in Longwood, Florida. It offers an assortment of amenities including over 145 acres of common areas, seven parks, a public library, grocery stores, a private golf club, an elementary school, and 25 miles of walking/biking trails through the community.



Inefficient manual processes to enforce community guidelines Community Association Manager, Christine Landry, was doing her best to manage and maintain the picturesque Wekiva Community. Community members love the neighborhood’s vibrant aesthetic, and all of them expect the association to keep Wekiva pristine and property values high. But inspecting 2,600 homes on a weekly basis was a big job. Even with a small team of committee members and regular volunteers, violations enforcement alone took 60–70 hours per week.

The problem stemmed from cumbersome software: The system they relied on to generate violation notices required a lot of manual data entry. Even worse, it was unreliable. It would spontaneously crash or randomly delete information like a homeowner’s address. That forced them to rebuild data files on multiple occasions, and the whole system was down during that process.

Frustrated and overwhelmed, Christine needed a better solution.



HOALife’s efficient solution saves time

Switching to HOALife made a night-and-day difference. The implementation only took minutes and HOALife’s user-friendly app helped new volunteers hit the ground running quickly.

The new system enabled Christine and her team to:

  • Optimize violation entry – Adding new violations takes a few simple taps, no sifting through long property lists.
  • Add context in seconds – The GPS-aware mobile app removes tedious data entry. Volunteers snap a quick picture, click the violation type, and seconds later it’s off for review.
  • Streamline the review process – Violation information is clear and transparent, and surface metrics help Christine’s team make well-informed decisions.
  • Reduce manual legwork – HOALife’s “No Touch Mail” mails out notices automatically on the association’s behalf. It also automatically generates reports for the Community Board.
  • Facilitate communication – When property owners need an update, HOALife’s built-in email system delivers notices and allows for seamless two-way communication if they reply.

In addition to all of those benefits, the self-service property owner portal gives Wekiva community members more autonomy. Now they have one single source of truth through which to view evidence, respond to notices, and voice their concerns.



140+ hours saved a month.

HOALife transformed the association’s management duties. With so much data entry automated, they’re now able to process twice as many violations in half the time. Christine estimates that HOALife saves her team over 140 hours each month and that it does the equivalent of a full-time hire, translating to over $30,000 in ROI.

More importantly, Wekiva community members are thrilled. HOALife empowers Christine’s team to be more efficient, and the neighborhood has never looked better as a result.

Christine is looking forward to the implementation of architectural control forms, which will allow her to save more time by adding approval letters for lengthy fixes (like fence approval) to HOALife.


“Since we’ve been using HOALife, I’ve had homeowners tell me how much better the community is looking. Because we’re getting notices out a lot more efficiently, residents are complying.”


Wekiva Testimonial

“As far as covenant enforcement and violation software goes, HOALife is the best thing since sliced bread. Violation admin used to take 60–70 hours a week. Now I’m able to process twice as much in half the time. Transferring from our old system to HOALife was easy and efficient. Volunteers have praised how much easier the new system is to use. Now everything is in one place, and we’re able to follow up on violations faster.”

Christine Landry
Community Association Manager
Wekiva Hunt Club Community Association, Inc.


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