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HOA Inspection Checklist: Template for HOA Boards

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HOA Inspection Checklist: Template for HOA Boards


Are you looking for an inspection checklist for your HOA? Wondering what areas in the community you should be checking out regularly? 

FACT: The primary function of every HOA is to maintain its community and ensure that everything is in good condition.

(The above also includes ensuring that homeowners maintain their properties to the required standards and adhere to the CC&Rs.)

Unfortunately, as many HOA boards and managers realize quickly, inspections are often simple only in theory. 

Well, hence this guide. You’ll find information and a list of all the elements that a thorough HOA inspection checklist should include on this page. 

But let’s address something else first…


The Purpose of Regular HOA Inspections

The terms HOA, inspections, penalties, violations, and a handful of others are often used together and, most commonly, not in a positive context. 

You don’t have to look far around the web to find disgruntled homeowners disagreeing with their HOA, after all. 

But there’s the other side to HOA inspections.  

The HOA’s sole purpose is to maintain the community and the area. HOA’s board of directors, its manager, and other key stakeholders work relentlessly to make the area a great place to live for other residents. 

And that’s where inspections come into place. 

Inspections are the best method an HOA can use to monitor and spot any issues or challenges around the area. Then, based on the inspection’s findings, the board can either take action directly or point out a violation to a resident, asking for it to be rectified. 

Note that during a typical inspection, HOA not only evaluates whether residents abide by its CC&Rs. It does the same to itself. As part of the inspection process, an HOA would check common areas within an association - playgrounds, parks, swimming pools, clubhouses, and entry monuments. The inspection would identify any potential deficiencies and issue relevant work orders to fix those as soon as possible. 

In other words, inspections are critical to the HOA’s success. They are how HOA can maintain the area and deliver on its promise. 

But what should an HOA inspect? 

HOA Inspection Checklist

#1. The Key Components of a Thorough HOA Inspection or Maintenance Checklist

Before we dive into the actual HOA or condo maintenance checklist, let’s take a birds-eye view of everything such an inspection should encompass. 

a.) Exterior Elements

The exterior inspection might differ depending on whether your HOA oversees a condo development or a housing neighborhood. 

With condos, you might need to inspect the overall condition of the building, its foundations and walls, and so on. 

With individual homes, the purpose of the exterior inspection relates more to overseeing how well properties adhere to the overall style of the neighborhood and follow guidelines outlined in the HOAs CC&Rs. 

b.) Interiors

This part of the maintenance checklist relates more to HOAs overseeing condo developments. As part of the inspection, you may need to inspect attic vents and screens, examine floors throughout each development, and check properties for any leaks or other damage. 

c.) Utilities

Most utilities are in the care of individual homeowners. However, there will also be utilities that the HOA must inspect. These might include electrical or water lines in the common areas like a clubhouse, phone lines running through the neighborhood, gas lines, and more. 

d.) Common Areas

Common areas are entirely in the care of the HOA. Be it the swimming pool, a park, the playground, or more; your HOA is responsible for maintaining them to the highest standards. 

For that reason, every maintenance inspection must include a thorough evaluation of common areas, followed by swift action to rectify any issues. 

#2. HOA Maintenance Checklist

Based on the above, here’s what a complete HOA inspection checklist should include and what your HOA should check during each evaluation of the area. 

Use the below checklist as a template to structure your inspection process.

Property exterior

  • Foundations
  • Walls
  • Roofs 
  • Gutters
  • Doors and Windows
  • Patios and decking
  • Driveways
  • Electrical supply boxes
  • Satellite dishes


  • Attic vents/screens
  • Leaks
  • Roof from the inside


  • Electrical lines
  • Water lines
  • Phone lines
  • Gas lines
  • Air conditioners
  • Heaters
  • Sewage system

Common areas

  • Yards and lawns
  • Landscaping and trimming
  • Fencing 
  • Gates
  • Security cameras
  • Parking lots
  • Trash storage
  • Sidewalks

How HOALife Helps You Streamline Property Inspections

HOALife is the first and only HOA management software dedicated solely to assisting boards and managers with inspections and CC&R enforcement. From streamlining the process of violations inspections, sending notices, tracking progress to reporting, HOALife makes violations enforcement easy. 

  • HOALife’s mobile app helps you conduct inspections fast, without missing a single property or element on the checklist. 
  • The app makes it easy to record violations, collect photographic evidence, and automatically input all the information into the database. 
  • The dashboard lets you review findings from any device and send automated violation notices to residents.
  • The reporting tool will help you track progress and report to the board with deep and meaningful data. 

What’s more, HOALife also lets you inspect Assets - Common area elements within an association, such as playgrounds, parks, swimming pools, clubhouses, and entry monuments - and quickly act on any issues you may have found. 

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